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Practice Benefits

Benefits of a practice working with Direct Allergy

Practice Control Benefits

Prepping of syringe
  • The practice retains full control of the process and office procedures
  • Field proven integration of the Direct Allergy nurse into the practice routine
  • Full or part time nurse is provided to practice
  • Our nurse takes care of the details and does the work under the medical direction of the physician

Billing Benefits

  • Treatment approved by most insurance carriers
  • Direct Allergy trains the practice on billing using a third-party resource. The practice handles the billing to insurance providers. Direct Allergy bills the practice for services.
  • Provides a significant new revenue stream for a medical practice

Training Benefits

  • Extensive training is provided; including billing training
  • Extensive follow up and periodic review by Direct Allergy in the short and long term assures success
  • The Direct Allergy Chief Medical Officers is on call

Allergy Program in a PCP Office Advantages

  • Treat current patients in your own practice, where they want to be treated with their PCP
  • Excellent revenue potential
  • Improved patient satisfaction by offering wider scope of services
  • Higher control of patient care which results in better outcomes
  • Cuts down on unnecessary outsourcing referrals to specialists
  • Aides in the overall management of the respiratory challenged (allergic, asthmatic, COPD) patient population better with proven improved quality of life outcomes. Recommended by several large medical societies for asthmatics and refractory allergy patients.