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Generate more revenue with your existing patient base with our turn-key allergy service

Immunotherapy for allergy testing and treatment gives the practice another opportunity to generate additional revenue.


The Direct Allergy process guides the practice to implement a 10-year, field proven, business model. Based upon our Chief Medical Officer’s practice (a single physician office), working with Direct Allergy offers opportunities for significant additional revenue.

There is a minimum investment by the practice. Contact Direct Allergy for the details.


Direct Allergy, at its expense, will have our coding and billing consultant evaluate your insurance reimbursements to make sure an allergy practice will be profitable.

Direct Allergy trains about medical necessity requirements, CMS guidelines, and Joint Council of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (JCAAI)/American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy (AAOA) guidelines.

Once a contract is signed with Direct Allergy, it takes approximately two to three months to fully implement the program at a practice including sourcing a nurse.

Direct Allergy requires all providers within practice to receive Allergy Testing & Treatment Orientation training on an annual basis. The training for physicians is conducted by Direct Allergy’s Chief Medical Officer & Clinical Science Liaison. Nurses are trained by Direct Allergy’s national nurse trainer.

Direct Allergy does not require, but prefers that a minimum of one provider per clinic obtain CME accreditation training on Allergy Testing/Immunotherapy within 12 months of start-up.

Our contract terms include a 60 day “Out Clause” for each party. Billing of fees: Direct Allergy shall bill the accrued fees near the end of each month, all payments due within 30 days of receipt.