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Physician FAQs

Who is Direct Allergy?

Direct Allergy is a Medical Service Organization. Direct Allergy offers family practice, internal medicine, and pediatric physicians the opportunity to provide their patients allergy diagnosis and treatment. This program provides safe and proven on-site allergy and Immunotherapy services. One of our founders and Chief Medical Officer is Dr. Jay L. Gruhlkey, MD. Dr. Gruhlkey is a practicing family medicine physician and a past President of the Pan American Allergy Society.

How can Direct Allergy benefit my practice and me?

Direct Allergy is a “complete turn-key operation” designed to enhance your practice’s clinical offerings and revenue without disrupting current operations. Our staff and clinical experience provides support to physicians and practices by taking care of the details to drive and administer the testing and treatment program.

Why are Direct Allergy’s services important to my practice and me?

By implementing Immunotherapy in-house service, your practice will offer a value-added service, providing convenience to your patients – ultimately increasing your practice’s revenue. The demand for allergy treatment is expected to increase by 35 percent, however the number of board-certified allergists is expected to drop more than 6.8 percent per year.

Who needs testing?

You, as the physician, evaluate the screening and make the candidate selections based on clinical evidence. The Direct Allergy nurse will work under your standing protocol to pre-screen the patients you see daily. Some of the diagnoses that could benefit from testing are allergic rhinitis, asthma, chronic sinusitis, and allergic conjunctivitis. Direct Allergy will provide a list of common CPT codes that are covered for allergy testing and treatment. You, as the treating physicians, decide who meets the clinical criteria for testing. Direct Allergy will always be available to provide support and evidence-based clinical guidance throughout the process.

How is the testing done?

Direct Allergy utilizes Modified Quantitative Allergy Testing (MQT). Conventional prick testing only grossly estimates how allergic a patient is to each allergen by introducing them only into the outermost layer of the skin (the epidermis). To minimize discomfort and maximize efficiency, a “multi-test” device is used. Epidermal prick testing and limited intradermal (a deeper layer of the skin) are combined to extrapolate the degree of reactivity to each allergen.

In MQT, epidermal prick testing and limited intradermal (a deeper layer of the skin) testing are combined to precisely extrapolate the degree of reactivity to each allergen. Prick testing is well tolerable, even in young children. A highly trained Direct Allergy nurse administers the testing. Only a small amount of space and resources are required to begin the program.

How is the allergy therapy administered?

After the testing is complete, the allergy nurse will review the results with you and the patient. If the patient is determined by you to be a candidate for Immunotherapy, then the allergy nurse will customize the allergy serum formulation based on the testing results. The Direct Allergy nurse will mix and administer the Immunotherapy formulation (allergy shots) to the patient in your office. Sublingual therapy is also a possibility but is typically not administered in the office. A compounding pharmacy prepares the Oral Mucosal Therapy (toothpaste) and is typically not administered in the office.

How are my staff and I trained?

Physicians will undergo an orientation by our Chief Medical Officer with experience in primary care and allergy. Direct Allergy will provide a highly trained allergy nurse to manage the program in your office and provide ongoing support. Direct Allergy offers a formal course with continuing education credits. The program is designed to fit seamlessly into your current clinical practice without interrupting your standing protocol.

What if I have questions?

Direct Allergy is committed to customer service and outstanding patient outcomes, now and in the future. Direct Allergy’s nurses have been trained by some of the most preeminent allergy nurse trainers in the country. If they are not able to answer your questions, our physician/administrative oversight is available to help. Your success is our success.

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