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5 Ways to Cut the Cost of Allergy Relief

(Money Magazine) Looking for allergy relief? Prescriptions, rather than OTC remedies, are often more effective and cheaper in the long run. 1. Avoiding treatment can be costly Nearly a third of adults have allergies. Suffer through the symptoms, and you could pay the price at work. During allergy attacks, one study found, employees lost more…
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Adults with Asthma Very Likely to Have Allergies Too

A study finds kids aren’t the only ones likely to have asthma coupled with allergies — 65 to 75 percent of asthmatic adults also have allergies. By Erin Hicks, Everyday Health Staff Writer TUESDAY, April 2, 2013 — If you already have asthma, here’s a bit of bad news: It’s likely you may also have…
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Allergy Immunotherapy (AIT)

Reduced health care costs in adults and children with allergic rhinitis. Cheryl S. Hankin, PhD, Linda Cox, MD, Amy Bronstone, PhD, Zhaohui Wang, MS. Received 9 December 2011; received in revised form 7 December 2012; accepted 10 December 2012. published online 01 February 2013. Background Research demonstrates significant health care cost savings conferred by allergen-specific…
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Direct Allergy

Allergy Testing and Treatment Safety Direct Allergy understands the concerns of physicians considering adding allergy testing and treatment to their practice.  Allergy testing and immunotherapy have been around since 1911 and have benefited many patients since their discovery.  Direct Allergy utilizes the Modified Quantitative Testing Protocol (MQT) which blends the skin-prick and intradermal testing (IDT)…
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AAAPC Provides a Voice for PCPs for Allergy & Asthma Care and Prevention

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Academy of Allergy & Asthma in Primary Care (AAAPC)™, officially launched today as a voice for primary care physicians who provide testing and treatment access to the millions of patients who suffer from seasonal and perennial allergies. The AAAPC mission is to foster the ability of physicians to provide high quality, patient…
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