The Direct Allergy Difference

As a practicing physician, you are all too aware of the prevalence of allergy – up to 30% of the US population.

You see these patients every day. Perhaps you manage their symptoms with appropriate pharmacotherapy or refer them to a specialist – with mixed results.

Physicians are increasingly asking if there is more they can do to help their patients who suffer from allergies, specifically, is there a way to diagnose and treat allergies at their cause? Can this be done in my office where I can keep my patients under my care? The answer is yes.

Direct Allergy is a complete turn-key operation.  We hire, train and certify clinical specialists who manage our Allergy Immunotherapy  Center in your practice.  All we require is the space (typically one exam room) to conduct the allergy testing and treatment formulation. Your patients are seen in your office, your office handles all the billing.

Assist more patients, increase awareness of your practice and boost revenue by adding immunotherapy to your practice. Contact us today to get the process started.