Who is Direct Allergy? See Short Overview Presentation by: Direct Allergy’s Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Jay L. Gruhlkey, M.D.

 Direct Allergy is a “Medical Service Organization” for “Point of Care treatment of Allergic Disease”. Direct Allergy offers Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Pediatric, Dermatology, Neurology, & ENT Specialists the opportunity to provide their patients with a new added value program; safe and proven on-site allergy testing with immunotherapy services. What was traditionally only made available through Allergists and ENTs is now made available to frontline physician specialists via Direct Allergy. Inserting Direct Allergy’s Allergen Immunotherapy Center provides you with an outstanding treatment option for your patients who suffer from chronic allergies. Implementation of our program will allow you to differentially diagnose, and treat with precision. It also allows you to market a new service to your patient population, reduce unnecessary referrals to specialists, provide speed of service for your patients, save patients and the health care system significant costs, and allows you to follow your patient more closely. All of this leads to improved patient outcomes and patient retention. In addition, this ancillary service is not only good medicine, it will also boost practice revenue significantly. The idea is simple: “make good medicine available where patients prefer to be treated and “Do Allergy RIGHT!”.

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