Direct Allergy’s Process

Clinical, competent & comprehensive.

Direct Allergy provides a turn-key Allergy Service Center in your practice that will skin test and formulate individualized immunotherapy treatment for your allergy patients. We hire, train and certify clinical specialists who manage our Allergy Immunotherapy Center in your practice. All we require is the space (typically one exam room) to conduct the allergy testing and treatment formulation.  Your patients are seen in your office, your office handles all the billing.

Patient Identification & Selection

We provide comprehensive patient history forms that the patient completes. The answers to this questionnaire identify the allergic patients and provide the medical necessity for performing skin testing. The skin testing is a confirmation of the diagnosis of allergy, as well as to specific triggers and the degree of sensitivity to different allergens.

Direct Allergy does not recommend wholesale skin testing to identify allergy patients, since the diagnosis of allergy should be based on the patient history.  Direct Allergy also will not recommend only select groups of patients for an allergy evaluation based on their insurance status or category.

Patient Testing

We believe skin testing remains the “Gold Standard” for identifying allergens to which a patient is allergic.  While blood testing can be useful for certain select patients, skin testing remains the choice for the most sensitive diagnostic tool.  It’s advantages include the immediacy of results – 15-20 minutes, versus days with blood testing, as well as the the patient being able to actually “see” their allergies.

Direct Allergy uses the Modified Quantitative Testing (MQT) method for skin testing. MQT is the most innovative approach to blending methods of skin testing that allows the skin to reveal both what a patient is allergic to and to what degree, in order to customize treatments for each patient. A complete battery of allergy tests can be conducted in less than one minute with minimal patient discomfort.

Patient Treatment

We use skin test results to customize a program for each patient undergoing immunotherapy. We do not endorse “Universal Dosing,” where every patient receives the same immunotherapy mixture. While a universal formula might make things easier for the allergy service company, we do not consider it evidence-based medicine.

Direct Allergy offers both subcutaneous immunotherapy (SCIT) and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) in order to address the individual needs of each patient undergoing a course of immunotherapy.  Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but it’s important to provide the patient with options and let them choose the solution that best meets their needs.

Our Business Model

Our business model is legally and clinically compliant. Trained clinical personnel perform all allergy-related services and procedures, and are employed by Direct Allergy. Other than the provision of 100 – 160 square feet of space and a small, up-front investment to acquire allergy supplies from a licensed allergenic extract manufacturer, Direct Allergy manages the rest of the allergy operations.

In exchange for the allergy services, Direct Allergy will be compensated 50% of the testing and immunotherapy collections. There is also a small $250/month service fee to keep our clinical staff in proper legal standing as to their role in your office. A busy practice that tests eight allergy patients a week, with four of those going on to a course of immunotherapy, can generate over $370,000 annually, 50% of which goes to the practice.

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